Frame 5 Gas Turbine Rotor Repair

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) repaired a Frame 5 gas turbine rotor.  MD&A replaced 1st and 2nd stage buckets, repaired the seal area on the row 1 turbine wheel, performed compressor blade blending, and machined the thrust collar to accommodate the newer style thrust bearing at the No. 1 bearing.

During their planned major inspection, the utility decided to remove the rotor based on prior recommendations from past borescope findings.

gas turbine rotor repair

Upon inspection, our gas turbine experts discovered that the Row 1 turbine wheel showed indications of heavy wear caused by rubbing to the rear face of the discourager seal. To repair this, the seal area was prepped and built up using a spray metallizing process.

gas turbine rotor repair

Once the precise build-up was achieved, the seal area was ground to the correct dimensions and contours. In addition, wear damage to the Row 2 turbine disc sealing area was repaired to achieve an acceptable surface after a fluorescent penetrant inspection was completed.

Experts also performed compressor blade blending from wear damage/FOD to all compressor blade rows. One Row 16 blade was removed and replaced, and non-destructive testing was performed on the repaired rotor.

Progressive balance work was completed on two turbine bucket stages. MD&A experts replaced both stages of buckets.  

Our experts also performed the modification to the gas turbine rotor which involved machining the thrust runner face that is located at the No. 1 bearing. This is a common recommendation for the Frame 5 fleet to improve the reliability and operation of the thrust bearing.

gas turbine rotor repair

Skilled technicians from MD&A’s Bearings, Seals, and Hydraulics Division re-toothed the rotor’s oil deflectors and re-babbitted the bearings.

New replacement buckets were provided by MD&A Parts. The rotor was progressively low speed balanced as the 1st and 2nd stage buckets were installed, technicians secured balance weights and completed the six-point residual unbalance test.  The rotor was then packaged & secured on the shipping skid.  Finally, MD&A transported the rotor to site and successfully supervised the re-installation.

MD&A’s specialized services range from Combustion, Hot Gas Path, and Major Inspections to Compressor & Turbine Rotor Repairs and End of Life inspections. MD&A offers a complete suite of parts, repairs, and services solutions for the Frame 5 gas turbine fleet.

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