Gas Turbine Component Repair

MD&A’s San Antonio Service Center and MD&A Houston Service Center are both industry leaders in gas turbine component repair. Our facilities have leading-edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise on multiple frame gas turbine hot gas path and combustion components. It is an ISO-Certified, F-Class Repair Center of Excellence.

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MD&A’s San Antonio Service Center provides repair services for large-frame gas turbines, with proven expertise on frame 7EA, 6FA,7FA, 9FA, V84, and V94 combustion and hot gas path components.

All of the repair processes, with the exception of acid stripping, are completed in house, utilizing our Three-Stage Gate Process to ensure the highest of standards.

Each gate provides the client with an important checkpoint to review the project’s progress with our engineers — a partnership that enhances quality and reduces repair time.

The first step of MD&A’s gate process is referred to as Strip and Inspect.

When a component first arrives in San Antonio, we conduct an Incoming Inspection – tagging and cataloging each part.

This stage includes Airflow and Dimensional Inspection then a Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, or FPI, which uses blacklight technology to pinpoint any cracks.

The Ultrasonic Inspection is a completely automated, ultrasonic underwater test that provides thirty-eight points of precise measurement.

All of MD&A’s crews are certified in their specific area of expertise.

Gate Two is the Repair stage.

With the goal of returning a part to its original state, this stage begins with a Solution Vacuum Heat Treatment Process.

CNC machining delivers cuts that are precise and uniform every time.

MD&A utilizes the industry’s most advanced Welding techniques, including hot box and hand blending, with individual welding booths assigned to each part.

Unlike hand drilling, Electro Discharge Machining, or EDM, assures part conformity.

Once repairs are completed, a report is compiled; review of this report is another checkpoint opportunity for our experts and clients.

The last stage of the Gate Process is the Final Inspection.

Once a part has gone through another visual inspection, it is ready for Coating, a thorough process that ensures a precise application. HVOF, or High-velocity oxygen fuel, is a base coat applied at the speed of sound. A proprietary 3-layer Thermal barrier Coating (TBC) System is applied to High-technology components using our vertically cracked Ultra–Dense Coating System (UDC).

Because MD&A’s proprietary coatings can sustain the high temperatures that hot gas path components are subjected to, our coatings also extend the life of the components.

Parts are then weighed during Moment Weigh and go through Sequencing to balance the turbine perfectly.

The final Inspection includes a detailed review of the component report, ensuring each step was performed completely.

A full-service, OEM-alternative for gas turbine components and repairs, MD&A delivers industry-leading solutions with processes and parts that are backed by guarantees.


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