Outage Planning

Through knowledgeable and effective planning, outage times can be held to a minimum, thus maximizing your on-line time. Maintenance Advanced Planning Services (MAPS) can be tailored to meet those needs, freeing your personnel to work on other outage activities.

MAPS includes a non-biased, third-party evaluation of historic and planned outage activities while accounting for each customer’s current operating needs and unit-specific maintenance issues. Unit performance, reliability, and availability objectives are reviewed and used as a basis for outage planning. Likewise, operating conditions, historical data, fleet data, and OEM recommendations (i.e., GEK, OMM, TIL) are compiled in report form and used to develop an outage planning document.

MAPS comprises of a review of prior outage recommendations, pre-outage planning and testing, turnkey outage management, and, as needed post-outage testing and planning. We also provide clients with a complete spare parts review and final report.

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