Robotic Generator In-Situ Inspection

GenEX Robotic Inspector

MD&A's Air Gap-Bot, our generator in-situ inspection robot, can perform full generator inspections without removing the field, saving time on the outage!

We can provide time and location-stamped high-definition video and still images. The MD&A Air Gap-Bot can be used on generators with entrance gaps as narrow as 0.9 inches or 22.86 millimeters and can perform a visual inspection, a stator wedge tightness assessment, and an Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID) in order to find possible faults, shorts, material deterioration and more.

Robotic Inspection Benefits:

  • Reduced inspection cost
  • Shorter outage duration
  • Increased time between field pulls
  • Periodic monitoring of known conditions

Visual Inspection

Unlike magnetic crawlers, MD&A’s robotic crawler has unparalleled maneuverability, and can enter generators with gaps as narrow as 0.9". Utilizing MD&A Air Gap-Bot's two high-resolution cameras and enhanced LED lighting, our team can inspect stator and field components in even the most challenging environments. A flexible 15-meter umbilical camera provides easy visual access to hard-to-reach areas without field removal, meeting traditional inspection requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Data from the visual inspection can be used to assess the severity of field component heating; inspect high field vibration related to cooling flow variances; and evaluate stator core, stator bar, slot support problems, or surface contamination.

Stator Wedge Tightness Assessment

Maintaining the tightness of stator slot wedges is crucial to prevent trepidation and erosion of stator insulation, abrasion of ground-wall insulation, and failure by ground fault. MD&A can use the Air Gap-Bot to perform a Stator Wedge Tightness Assessment to assess your need for wedge tightening or replacement. Results generate a “wedge tightness map.”

Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID)

Mechanical, electrical, and environmental stresses can cause a breakdown in the insulation on stator core assemblies. Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID) is an important tool to prevent hot spots that can cause deterioration of the core lamination insulation, leading to permanent damage of the stator winding insulation and core iron. MD&A can perform an ELCID inspection using the Air Gap-Bot to detect fault currents that result from core insulation damage.

Check out our video:

MD&A Air Gap-Bot Generator Robotic Inspection

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