Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System

With a foundation of management commitment and employee involvement, the Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System (EHS) for Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A) is comprised of four (4) sections that provide for a comprehensive plan that encourages a cohesive approach to safety improvement. This system is used to ensure each employee understands their role in helping to achieve our goal of zero unsafe behaviors and conditions.

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For sustainable safety success, management and employees need to understand what activities are required, their correlation to achieving desired results, and what their role is in aiding the process. Each section of the EHS Management System is designed to support this process:

Section 1: Core EHS Programs
Based upon the risk profile of our operations, this section contains written programs that document our processes and procedures that ensure compliance to all Federal, State, and local standards or regulations.

Section 2: Communication and Training
This section contains processes that aid in the communication and understanding of requirements, improvement opportunities, and results specific to the type of work that we may perform.

Section 3: Responsibility Systems
This section contains programs and processes that ensure we have a strong safety culture that focuses on reducing risk and meeting our improvement goals.

Section 4: Hazard Recognition and Control
This section includes processes that ensure unsafe behaviors and physical hazards are identified, evaluated, and controlled.

The data that comes from these systems, particularly near miss and good catch reports, ensures we are focusing on the best opportunities for improvement and sustainability.

At MD&A we understand that protecting our employees from the hazards of our industry requires our unwavering focus in 3 key categories:

  • Line-of Fire Safety
  • Crane & Rigging Excellence
  • Hazardous Energy Control

Check this case study out:

MD&A Safety: Human Performance Improvement


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