Rotor Life Extension

The Design Service Life of a gas turbine rotor can be based on statistical predictions of component life, based on an assumed operational mission mix; each rotor component is influenced differently by operational stresses, temperatures, and duty cycles. We look at the Gas Turbine Rotor and Compressor Rotor. A Rotor Life Extension service can help decide if component repair, replacement, or use is the best option for your gas turbine rotor to meet operational and maintenance forecasts. MD&A's Gas Turbine Rotor Life Extension Program provides options for your aging fleet. Our goal is to meet your operating strategy for remaining life through validation, repair, or replacement of life-limiting components.

Rotor Life Extension Analysis

To provide the best solutions for your gas turbine rotor, MD&A evaluates your specific needs in addition to assessing rotor inspections:

Customer Inputs:

  • Unit and Rotor Operating History 
  • Rotor Configuration and TIL status
  • Operating Forecast
  • Specific Concerns (Vibration Etc.)
  • Business Goals
  • Financial Planning Current and Future
  • Schedule Considerations

Rotor Evaluation Inputs:

  • Advanced NDE Results
  • Metallurgical Evaluation
  • Material Hardness and Composition
  • Dimensional, Runout, and Balance Data
  • Configuration Assessment
  • Stress and Thermal Modeling
  • Complete Engineering Analysis

Based on a thorough engineering evaluation, the Rotor Life Extension options may include:

  • Extension through specific component repairs, replacements, upgrades, and/or modifications
  • Rotor Exchange Program
  • Rotor Replacement

Gas Turbine Rotor Technology Expertise

MD&A’s Gas Turbine Rotor Life Extension Program is supported by Mitsubishi Power, our parent company and Major Gas Turbine OEM. Leveraging Mitsubishi Power’s proven gas turbine rotor experience, technology, and analysis capabilities, MD&A has generated and validated complete sets of components for the MS7001F/FA and MS7001B/E/EA rotors.

Lifespan Assessment Program Basis

  • Collectively, MD&A/Mitsubishi Power has performed over 270 rotor assessments

Rotor Shop Capabilities

MD&A offers full capabilities for your gas turbine rotor repair maintenance and rotor life extension. Our talented and experienced team has full capabilities for blading, machining, re-bucketing, and more as illustrated below.

7FA unstack

Our Turbine-Generator Repair facility in St. Louis, MO, is fully equipped with:

  • GT Rotor Stacking Elevator
  • Support equipment for inspections and repairs 
  • Overhead Cranes
  • 14’ Swing 100 Ton Lathe
  • 2 Blast Cleaning Facilities
  • Advanced Rotor Welding
  • Reverse Engineering Lab
  • State-Of-The-Art High Speed Balance Facility

Component Manufacturing

MD&A is a premier worldwide supplier of heavy-frame Gas Turbine Rotor components. As your fleet approaches rotor end of life, inquire about MD&A’s replacement turbine wheels, disks and spacers.

Design and Manufacture of Replacement Rotor Components

  • Configuration based on full reverse engineering of zero fired hours OEM
  • MD&A stocks compressor rotor blading, blade spacers, and rotor bolting hardware
  • Engineered solutions that provide more robust, upgraded components

MD&A has the depth of knowledge on materials, coatings, and manufacturing technologies to support your Gas Turbine replacement parts requirements. Serving multiple OEMs, Frame Sizes, and Technologies, MD&A also provides buckets, nozzles, shrouds and the associated installation hardware

Check this case study out:

Frame 5 Rotor Reconditioning and Rotor Life Assessment

Check these videos out:

Gas Turbine Rotor Life Extension  Turbine-Generator Repair Facility Tour  San Antonio Service Center Tour  Houston Service Center Tour   

Learn more about the other Gas Turbine Services that MD&A offers. Contact Us about Rotor exchange with new rotor or Rotor exchange with refurbished rotor.

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