Power Plant Generator Services and Repairs

generator testing | Power Plant GeneratorMD&A provides comprehensive Power Plant Generator Services and Repairs. Our experienced team offers turnkey overhaul of water, hydrogen, and conventionally-cooled utility generators up to 1300 megawatts.

We invest heavily in the development of our team, procedures, and principles to improve design, reliability, and performance. Our power plant generator experts have designed solutions to numerous aging fleet issues; including MD&A’s 7FH2 generator spring migration repair.

Generator Services

MD&A’s power plant generator experts are here to assist you through the process of your outage. We provide outage planning services, technical direction, and turnkey labor to cover all of your outage needs. Our project managers and technical directors are experienced professionals who specialize in the many unique and complex areas of turbine-generator engineering.

Our power plant generator specialists conduct full-scope electrical testing, visual inspections, and specialty tests as per customer requirements on both field and stator components. We employ trained and skilled experts who approach challenges with the experiences gained from hundreds of successful projects.

Our Air Gap-Bot, is a generator in-situ inspection robot that can perform full generator inspections without removing the field saving cost and time! With a trained specialist, it can perform a visual inspection, stator wedge tightness assessment, and an Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (ELCID).

Since our founding, we’ve enjoyed a reputation as innovators, practitioners, and teachers in the art of balancing and vibration analysis of heavy rotating equipment.  Our state-of-the-art High-Speed Balance Facility was designed with both vacuum capability and the ability to excite generator rotors at high-speed, allowing the testing and balancing of both turbine and generator rotors.

Our specialized service capabilities also include Control and Excitation Field Engineering, Consulting & Training. MD&A Turbine and Generator Controls Division maintains a staff of OEM experienced field engineers who provide installation, technical support, advanced troubleshooting, training, and consulting services for gas turbine controls, generator excitation, and auxiliary systems. Capabilities also include Turbine System Enhancements to improve system performance.

Additionally, our experts are able to aid in foundation monitoring and center-line installations.

Generator Repairs

MD&A provides turnkey comprehensive refurbishment and repair of large utility and industrial generator stators and fields, and high-voltage bushing refurbishment.

Our experts can perform on-site stator repair while coordinating new bars or performing a Wedge System Upgrade or Flush & Bake Services. Our Turbine-Generator Repair facility can accommodate generator field rewinds of any capacity, including large 4-pole nuclear units. We have two new generator clean rooms to accommodate multiple field rewinds at a time, including Main Lead Replacement and Retaining Ring Change-Outs.

MD&A has the experience and the tooling necessary to disassemble, clean, repair, and recondition or newly manufacture multiple high-voltage bushings, simultaneously, including Stand-Off Insulators.

Our MD&A patented Two-Piece Clip addresses all known leakage and porosity issues with water-cooled stators.

Additionally, our experts can provide a permanent and economical solution for addressing the potential fretting or cracking of generator rotor slot dovetail surfaces. The inspection and repairs can be conducted either at your plant on-site or in our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility.  We can also help with the field fitting of critical hydrogen seal assemblies.

MD&A has helped many customers eliminate the undesirable effects of oil whip or steam whirl by designing, manufacturing, and repairing elliptical bearings. A tilt pad journal bearing retrofit can also be a cost-effective solution.

Our complete oil deflector reconditioning service assures our customers the long-term integrity of a tight oil sealing system without the immediate anxiety of a rub-induced vibration during startup.

Generator Parts

MD&A provides our customers with the finest quality generator stator bars with the use of the highest quality insulating materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and our highly skilled reverse engineering team.

We can manufacture new Collector Rings for your generator, or recondition or newly manufacture high-voltage bushings.

The MD&A Parts Division stocks a number of parts and components to ensure we can get our customers back online fast. From miscellaneous generator parts or fasteners that support standard unit maintenance activities to hydrogen seal rings, insulated bearing rings, oil deflectors, and legacy turbine circuit boards.

MD&A also offers comprehensive generator retrofits and replacement packages for most turbine generator products.

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