Alstom® Generator Pole to Pole Connector Modification

The legacy Alstom® Topair WX/Y23Z and WX/Y21Z generator fleets can experience quality issues with the pole to pole connectors. Specifically, indications of cracking have been found on the braze interface and the pole-to-pole connectors themselves. This condition has affected the 60Hz 23Z fleet and both the 50Hz and 60Hz 21Z fleets.

These issues can lead to serious damage to the generator if not addressed. A mechanical failure of both pole to pole connectors could lead to an open circuit on the generator field winding or a generator field ground fault.

MD&A has trained personnel who are qualified to inspect a generator field and identify pole-to-pole cracking issues. We can complete this inspection using a borescope during a minor generator inspection (field-installed) or a major generator inspection (field-removed).

If indications of cracking are found during a borescope inspection, MD&A can make repairs immediately. If no indications are found, MD&A experts can implement the solution as a preventative measure during a future outage.

pole to pole connectors

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