Topless Turbine Laser Alignment

The Topless Alignment® service provided by Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis utilizes laser accuracy to eliminate the time-consuming and expensive process of reassembling a steam turbine for “Tops-On” alignment measurements, saving hundreds of man-hours labor per turbine section. Most centerline alignment activities are moved off the critical path, reducing outage duration by days.

Turbine Laser Alignment
Why Align?

  • Correct bearing loading, reducing vibration & chance of bearing failure
  • Correct misalignment caused by turbine foundation settlement
  • Minimize rotor stresses due to improper bearing positions
  • Prevent new seals from rubbing
    • Consideration for Component distortion
    • Correct Internal misalignments
    • Ensure proper reassembly

    MD&A provides turbine owners with the greatest depth of Topless Alignment® experience in the power generation industry. Our alignment process is a proven technology accompanied by an outstanding record of successful applications on nearly all makes and models of machines.

    The Topless Alignment® Service, or Diaphragm Alignment, starts with the centerline measurements, which were made with “Tops-Off” only. Then the shell horizontal joint distortion is measured & is used to determine centerline component Tops-On to Tops-Off movements. The calculated movements are used as offsets when aligning in the “Tops-Off” condition. This saves any power utility man-hos and reduced outage duration.

    MD&A engineers have successfully aligned over 1700 steam turbine sections using the Topless Alignment® method. Our projects have a remarkable record for “lack of rubbing.” We believe this historical track record of success is an important fact that differentiates our service from those available elsewhere in the industry.

    Turbine Topless Laser Alignment

    Topless Alignment®

    MD&A Alignment Engineers bring both depth and breadth of experience to the turbine deck. Each of our Alignment Engineers performs between 10 and 25 turbine section alignments per year. This depth of experience allows our engineers to constantly sharpen their skill sets and apply some of the most modern techniques available. Our experience base includes successful projects dating back more than 30 years.

    Our Alignment Engineers have the expert knowledge needed in order to interpret the data. They make sure they have valid data for your machine. Each engineer’s broad base of experiences contributes to the overall value we provide as your alignment contractor. You can expect dependable and accurate results every time you hire MD&A to align your turbine.

    Charles Monestere, MD&A’s Laser Alignment Services Manager, said:

    Our alignment engineers are top in their field. They have been working many years, some decades, on different turbine-generator alignment projects honing their skills. Our alignment team is dedicated and responsive to the customer’s specific alignment needs and does their best to deliver the quality expected and the service when needed. A number of service providers send technicians who just collect data for the customer. Our engineers do the alignment calculations and review options with the customer. Select your alignment engineer / specialist carefully. Not all are created equal!

    Have MD&A perform a Topless Laser Alignment® today, call Charles Monestere at (518) 399-3616 or use our Contact form.

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