Triplet Type Main Stop Valve Upgrade

The MD&A Parts Division Triplet Type Main Stop Valve upgrade reduces solid particle erosion (SPE), thereby increasing valve component life!

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Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) occurs where steam and solid particles at high velocities make an abrupt change in direction. SPE reduces component life and decreases valve reliability.

A thorough investigation of stem and bypass valve erosion on main stop valves led to an engineering design study of these issues. The evaluation resulted in the design of MD&A Parts Division Triplet Type Main Stop Valve upgrade as an effective countermeasure to the solid particle erosion seen in conventional designs.

The main stop valve upgrade addresses these issues with a configuration that allows for high velocity bypass steam to flow parallel to the stem, thus eliminating stem erosion issues.

Mark Passino, MD&A Parts Division’s Engineering Manager, said:

The triple bypass main stop valve upgrade significantly reduces solid particle erosion (SPE). The engineering experts at MD&A Parts Division design each valve to optimize the flow geometry and apply the latest materials and nanocoating technology to extend component life. The overall valve offering is a drop in replacement that reduces valve maintenance costs and increases time between valve outages.

Advantages of Triplet Type Bypass Main Stop Valve:

  • MD&A Triplet poppet valve geometry, contoured to gradually turn the steam flow parallel to stem
  • Proprietary TiSiCN nano coating applied to poppets for improved SPE resistance
  • Flared conical diffuser shape of the bypass holes reduce particle velocity and improve direction
  • Stellite shielded pressure seal head improves SPE resistance on forward facing steps
  • Reduced valve maintenance
  • Applicable to subcritical and supercritical plant applications
  • 30+ Years of replacement experience (175 MW to 700 MW)
  • 8” to 15” Valves

MD&A Parts Division (MD&A) manufactures and supplies all parts for Triplet Type Bypass Main Stop Valve. MD&A’s Turbine-Generator Repair Facility in St. Louis performs the final valve assembly.

Triplet Type Main Stop Valve Upgrade

Triplet Type Main Stop Valve Upgrade

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