IMECHE Steam Turbine and Generator User Group 2022

Location: Manchester, Manchester
Date: 2022/03/16 - 2022/03/17

The IMECHE Steam Turbine and Generator User Group 2022 will be held in Manchester on March 16th and 17th, 2022.

Join MD&A’s James Joyce as he presents on Retaining Ring and Main Lead Failures, Case Studies, and Repair Methods.

The presentation will clearly identify (using 3D CAD design) the location of the components on the generator system (both the retaining rings and main leads as well as some common points of interest).  Once the generator overview and pertinent systems are identified, the purpose and design of each component (retaining rings and main leads) will be presented.  Each component has multiple designs, and all common designs will be presented and discussed with specific and relevant drawings and photographs for reference.

Specifically, when discussing retaining rings, we will discuss the different fit and structural methods ranging from barrel-fit / body fit, castellated-fit, and spindle mounted fits.  When discussing different styles of main leads, we will discuss both the leaf copper and solid plate designs.  Following design, we will discuss operational forces and then lead into real-life failures that we have seen in our shop (for both retaining rings and main leads).

We have two in-depth case studies we will present regarding retaining rings including anti-rotational pin failure, and Nomex tab rivet failure.   Both case studies resulted in a structural failure of the retaining ring that required the ring to be replaced as it was not suitable for continued service.  Regarding main lead failures, we have outlined many failures from mechanical failures to electrical failures including a complete grounding of the field resulting in a forced shutdown.  In all cases, we are talking about designs and systems that are found in most OEMs ranging from GE to Westinghouse/Alstom.

We will clearly identify and discuss in detail the corrective action that was required to repair these failures and ensure they won’t be repeated going forward.  We will also discuss inspection methods to ensure that each attendee is able to complete these inspections on their units during their next opportunity.

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