EPRI Winter Turbine-Generator Users Group Meeting

Location: Orlando, Florida
Date: 2018/01/15 - 2018/01/19
Booth: 124

The Winter 2018 EPRI Turbine Generator User Group (TGUG) Workshop/Meeting and Vendor Exhibition will be held on January 15th – 19th, 2018 in Orlando FL. The Monday and Tuesday, January 15th- 17th, 2018 workshop will precede the Turbine Generator User Group meeting. 

Where to find us:

Generator session topic on Tuesday 1/16/18 at 9:30am: “Rotor Tooth Rebuild” – Vernon Fullerton
Turbine session topic on Monday 1/15/18 at 3:45pm: “Turbine Foundation settling and Impact on Alignment”- Charlie Monestere

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