Generator Rotor Slot Tooth Weld Repair

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) experts recently performed a Generator Rotor Slot Tooth Weld Repair. Initially, the generator rotor suffered a double ground fault incident that tripped the unit offline. The customer contacted MD&A to perform disassembly, testing, and evaluation of the condition of the unit. Once the generator rotor was removed, visual inspections confirmed melted […]

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Quick Valve Stand Repair

Valve Stand Repair

Even the best power plant team can run into problems that they cannot fix alone. That’s when a trusted partner like Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A) is critical to get an asset back into service quickly. Take the generating unit whose valve stand suffered an exceptionally deep crack in its inner bore caused by an […]

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Casing/ Shell Weld Repairs & Re-Rounding

For many years, the OEM fix for major cracking or shell distortion was replacement of the defective shell, also referred to as casing by some OEMs, with new. Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis has provided an alternative to shell replacements which includes fixing the existing shell to extend its life. MD&A recently welded and repaired the […]

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Valve Seat Repair

Valve Seat Welding

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis inspected and repaired a KN turbine’s HP and IP MSV and CV seat areas. There is a history of these units having stellite bonding issues.  MD&A can perform valve seat repair on-site or in-shop!   The HP valves were the first to be inspected in-shop. It took very little effort to liberate the […]

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Diaphragm Dishing Repair

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis inspected and repaired a stage 15 dished diaphragm. The unit was an upgraded 297.5 MW D6 frame unit. The stage 15 diaphragm was found to be dished downstream by approximately 0.215”. MD&A’s Turbine-Generator Repair Facility performed a dishing repair to the stage 15 diaphragm by cutting out the old weld, re-positioning, […]

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