Triplet Type Main Stop Valve Upgrade

The MD&A Parts Division Patented Triplet Type Main Stop Valve upgrade reduces solid particle erosion (SPE), thereby increasing valve component life! View the video on the advantages of the main stop valve upgrade and for additional information call MD&A Parts Division today at (518) 885-3199 or use our Contact form.  Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) occurs […]

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Quick Valve Stand Repair

Valve Stand Repair

Even the best power plant team can run into problems that they cannot fix alone. That’s when a trusted partner like Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A) is critical to get an asset back into service quickly. Take the generating unit whose valve stand suffered an exceptionally deep crack in its inner bore caused by an […]

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Valve Seat Repair

Valve Seat Welding

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis inspected and repaired a KN turbine’s HP and IP MSV and CV seat areas. There is a history of these units having stellite bonding issues.  MD&A can perform valve seat repair on-site or in-shop! The HP valves were the first to be inspected in-shop. It took very little effort to liberate the stellite […]

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