Electric Generators 2018 Annual Review

Electric Generators

Read Electric GENERATORS 2018 Annual Review, a special report by CCJ.  It is complied from presentations made at the third GUG (Generator Users Group) conference from last August.  Electric Generators Review (PDF) MD&A is an exclusive sponsor and can meet all your generator needs! See you at 2018 GUG conference where our experts are presenting again! […]

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High Speed Balance Article

High-Speed Balance Rotor | gas turbine balancing and vibration analysis

Hear from our high-speed balancing expert, Keith Collins, in this article in Power Magazine’s November issue. High-speed turbine rotor balancing was once rare because of the costs and logistical challenges involved in doing it during an outage. That’s begun to change as economic options emerge, and experience is showing that high-speed balancing can pay big […]

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