Generator Stator Bar Abrasion Risk and Prevention

Generator Stator

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis has analyzed and resolved generator stator bar abrasion events that have become common on some newer GE® Frame 7F and 324, 330, or 390 generators. The damage can cause ground faults leading to forced outages and complete stator rewinds. A principal cause of the abrasion is traceable to side ripple spring-induced […]

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Aging Generator Stators and Field Rewinds Plus Modified Hot Gas Path Inspection

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A), as a full-service provider, was called to a forced outage necessitating two generator stators and field rewinds and a modified hot gas path inspection. The affected units consisted of two GE® Lynn generators that were experiencing both aging and flooding with water due to leaking hydrogen coolers. Prior to this, […]

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Generator Stator Rewind

MD&A has a long track record of successful generator stator rewinds on-site. Stator bar aging puts your generator at risk so let our experts with superior workmanship and responsiveness perform your next stator rewind. MD&A uses superior materials to complete the job. You can count on MD&A’s attention to quality! View the video to see […]

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MD&A Solution for 7FH2 & 324 Stator End Winding Dusting Issues

Stator End winding

Over the past decade, there have been several reports of dusting on the GE® 7FH2 & 324 stator end-winding systems. The dusting has been found on earlier and late model generators. GE®  7FH2 and 324 type generators have a history of end-winding dusting as a result of materials used during manufacturing. A major contributor to […]

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