Steam Turbine Rotor Repairs in Saudi Arabia

Steam Turbine Rotor

As a worldwide company, Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A) recently completed on-site the installation of new buckets and covers on a Steam Turbine in Saudi Arabia, alongside conducting diaphragm repairs at our facility. We were contracted to perform an inspection and any necessary Steam Turbine rotor repairs. After a thorough inspection, bucket and cover repair […]

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Rotor Steeple Indications and Diaphragm Repairs

diaphragms repairs, Rotor Steeple

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) experts recently completed steampath inspection and repair services for a customer during a major overhaul. The Alstom® steam turbine consisted of an HP/IP turbine (stages 1-15) and a single flow LP turbine (stages 16-21). A detailed incoming inspection was performed for the HP/IP and LP rotors and found relevant indications […]

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Diaphragm Dishing Repair

Diaphragm Dishing Repair

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis inspected and repaired a stage 15 dished diaphragm. The unit was an upgraded 297.5 MW D6 frame unit. The stage 15 diaphragm was found to be dished downstream by approximately 0.215”. MD&A’s Turbine-Generator Repair Facility performed a diaphragm dishing repair to the stage 15 diaphragm by cutting out the old weld, […]

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