Gas Turbine Exhaust Temperature Spreads

7FA.03+ upgrade

What is an exhaust temperature spread, and why is it so important to monitor and take appropriate action when an exhaust temperature spread develops? An exhaust temperature spread refers to a high differential in readings between the thermocouples placed radially around the exhaust of a gas turbine. The worst exhaust temperature spreads occur when the […]

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Recommissioning Legacy Turbine Control Systems for Enhanced Reliability

Recommissioning Legacy Turbine Control Systems

Increases in renewable energy on the power grid have increased the need for reliable peaking power.  In many cases, these assets are available but less reliable than they once were due to the age and neglect of their control systems.  In most cases, refurbishment of digital systems from the last 30 years is a viable […]

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Co-Gen Turbine Controls Retrofit

Turbine Controls retro fit

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis’ Turbine and Generator Controls Division replaced an industrial co-gen turbine’s original mechanical-hydraulic (MHC) controls with an electronic governor, electro-hydraulic trip system and self-contained control valve actuator. The primary drivers for the project were the operator’s desire to increase the long-term maintainability and reliability by replacing the MHC components that had become […]

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Global Multiyear Major Outages

unit 4 generator field installation

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) recently performed multiyear outages for a customer on several different units in Colombia. First unit:  This was a major outage and generator test & inspection. In addition, this unit was retrofitted with a new rotor, bearings, and steam path components that required machining, including installing and fitting new nozzles. MD&A […]

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Gas Turbine Major and Generator Test & Balance

Gas Turbine Major

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis (MD&A) was contracted after a forced outage to perform a major overhaul on a cogeneration unit’s MS5001PA gas turbine, and to remove, test and inspect the generator field. Because the unit dispatches as baseload and the turbine is a critical asset, MD&A was asked to complete the repair work as quickly […]

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HPU Pump Motors Are Continuously Running

PROBLEM DEFINITION The Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) pump motors are continuously running at excessive current levels. DETAIL Many Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) pump motors have been observed to be running with excessive current while the turbine is at steady-state operating conditions. This condition may also be accompanied by an inability to hold normal operating pressure […]

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