Steam Turbine Parts Solutions

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) offers multiple Steam Turbine Parts to power generation plants worldwide that improve the functionality of their unit. Our high-quality part solutions and retrofits can improve the reliability, life extension, and capacity demands of your steam turbine-generators.

Factors like load demand, aging units, and financial pressures have created the need for reliable and long-lasting steam turbine solutions. Our steam turbine parts capture the potential of plant auxiliary systems and retain thermal performance, providing high-quality and cost-effective enhancement of turbine efficiency.

Why choose MD&A?

For over 40 years, our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We focus on delivering consistent quality and value with fast response, superior communications, and innovative solutions.

MD&A is easy to work with. We provide immediate access to expert help when you need it, where you need it. Around the corner or the globe, we ensure prompt, thorough communication, and follow-through. For every repair job, large or small, the speed and effectiveness of our response team are matched only by the depth and breadth of our engineering expertise.

Find out today why so many power generators use MD&A to maximize operational effectiveness.

1.     Steampath Components

To handle turbine outages, our Parts Division maintains a wide array of steampath components or turbine hardware. We include multiple turbine hardware items in our inventory and provide prompt inquiry responses. All components are manufactured to exact OEM specifications and tolerances.

2.     Stationary Components

We offer multiple types of stationary components for steam turbine units. Some of the Steam Turbine Parts in our stock include atmospheric relief diaphragms, oil deflectors, and seal rings, like inlet piping-related snout rings and bell seals. We also provide Stellite® weld repair for inlet pipes. Other products we carry include support shims, thrust plates, journal bearings, gibs, and pump bearings.

3.     Valve Components

One of our core parts offerings includes a complete line of valve components for all types of steam turbines. All components are manufactured to OEM specifications. We also provide reverse engineering services including engineered design modifications. The MD&A Parts Division can also provide Stellite® weld repair to different types of valve components.

4.     Main Stop Valve Upgrade

Many plant owners experience main stop valve stem erosion. MD&A’s Parts Division offers alternative solutions such as the Triplet Type Main Stop Valve Upgrade. This component significantly reduces erosion on the valve stem and skirt and ultimately reduces valve maintenance.

5.     Combined Cycle Valve Drop-in Solution

This solution combines the steam turbine valve wear parts into one pre-assembled set. This allows you to replace them more quickly and moves the repair work and detailed shop inspection of the outage critical path. Our experts will inspect, replace, or repair each Drop-in set at the shop to ensure it is capable to handle the next outage.

Steam Turbine Parts Solutions

6.     Guardian® Packing

Our Parts Division offers the patented advanced design Guardian® packing ring. The Guardian® Packing rings maintain a positive radial seal during shutdown, turning gear, start-up, and unit operation. Positive radial sealing is a key component in unit efficiency.

7.     Vortex Shedder® Spill Strips

MD&A Parts Division offers the patented advanced design Vortex Shedder® spill strip. It uses an aerodynamic geometry to reduce the leakage flow while improving stage heat rate performance. The Vortex Shedder® improves stage efficiency, whether the steam path design is reaction-based, impulse-based, or hybrid.

8.     Conventional Packing & Spill Strips

MD&A is a premier manufacturer of conventional design seals for all types of steam turbines. We provide conventional design shaft packing, gland packing, honeycomb seals, spring back seals, J-strip, caulked-in seals, and diaphragm packing. We also manufacture to OEM specifications and tolerances.

9.     Custom Seal Installation

Our MD&A Parts Division is focused on providing high-quality and cost-effective new and refurbished steam turbine parts to our clients. Our patented products like the Guardian® packing rings and the Vortex Shedder® spills are all custom-installed by an MD&A Parts expert.

10.     Tapered Land Thrust

Our experts have the capabilities to design, repair, and manufacture tapered land thrust bearings. These are useful for troubleshooting the thrust bearing temperature. We also offer material upgrades, fixture profiling, and performance monitoring instrumentation.

11.     Elliptical Journal

We design, repair, and manufacture elliptical bearings to remove the steam whirl or oil whip side effects of your steam turbine. We also provide short cycle delivery, insulation mounting and spherical mounting restoration, and performance monitoring instrumentation.

12.     Tilt Pad Thrust

A tilt pad thrust bearing retrofit is a cost-effective solution when sole plate settling or other foundation changes have created poor alignment conditions. We offer clients predictable bump check shim sizing and complete assembly reconditioning. We also offer material upgrades, performance monitoring instrumentation, and short-cycle delivery.

13.     Bronze Seal Rings

Incorrect oil seal clearances can cause long-term and immediate operational issues in turbine-generators. We manufacture bronze seal rings to improve the long-term service life of tight oil sealing systems and ensure that the rub-induced vibrations are minimal.

14.     Oil Deflectors

MD&A Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division offers complete oil deflector reconditioning to assure the long-term integrity of a tight oil sealing system. Our inventory includes seal tooth material, dowels, steam painting/cleaning, and body bolt components.

15.     Tilt Pad Journal

One of the steampath turbine parts we offer is tilt pad journal bearing retrofits. A tilt pad journal is useful for managing the effects of steam whirl or oil whip conditions. We offer complete assembly, provide material upgrades, performance monitoring instrumentation, and short cycle delivery.

16.     Legacy Turbine Circuit Boards, Repairs & Service

MD&A Turbine and Generator Controls Division has over 500 Novatech circuits in power stations in the US. Power plant owners can use these specially designed cards as a replacement. We offer most circuit cards for MKII and MKI, and many other OEM turbine control cards as well.

17.     Fasteners

MD&A Parts Division can quickly and effectively respond to the need for any type of fastener for many types of steam turbines. Our inventory also includes various washers and nuts, useful for turbine-generator maintenance. Other items we carry include dowels, hex and castle nuts, lockplates, rivets, and many others.

18.     IBECS® System

Our proprietary IBECS® system incorporates many effective solutions to monitor the condition of power plant units. One can easily configure the HMI online as well. Our IBECS® system presents many useful services that assist our clients, like Full Data Server Capability and Network Deployment features.

19.     Steam Turbine Retrofits

We offer comprehensive reaction and impulse turbine retrofit packages for LP, IP, HIP, and HP turbine sections. Our clients can choose between multi-section or single retrofit packages.

20.     Mitsubishi Power Continuous Cover Blades /Long Blades

In collaboration with Mitsubishi Power, we can provide many new long blade design improvements. The CCB or Continuous Cover Blades are constructed using a mono-block blade structure which leaves fewer locations for corrosive deposits. This also makes them less susceptible to stress corrosion cracking.


Our team at MD&A is dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective steam turbine part solutions to our customers. Our turbine parts upgrades can enhance turbine efficiency and last longer!  Talk to one of our experts today and discover all of the turbine-generator parts we offer.

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