Portable In-Situ Air Flow Test Stand

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) announces Portable In-Situ Air Flow Test stand capabilities that allow for immediate and conclusive data on gas turbine nozzle performance.

This flow test apparatus provides efficient gas turbine air/gas flow analysis and is offered by MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services.

The typical call to action is a control room combustion system alarm, or noticeable gauge increases in temperature spread or emissions creep. An alternative to a complete system nozzle teardown or replacement, this on-site flow analysis pinpoints flow variances for accurate & expedient service decisions and proper resolution.

During the on-site flow testing process, fuel nozzles can remain attached to the gas turbine end covers. Individual nozzle operation is compared with neighboring nozzles or with available benchmark data.

Portable In-Situ Flow Test Stand results can confirm or deny that a particular nozzle is the cause of non-ideal unit operation. Informed decisions can then be made for nozzle replacement, or for continued gas turbine operation. The data also serves as a specific foundation for any further investigations either upstream or downstream.


MD&A experience with the flow testing is often early or mid-cycle between scheduled outages and has also been used for post-startup concerns to determine if a particular nozzle or group is within calibration.

The common goal is an immediate, recorded analysis of air and gas flow issues allowing informed service and operating decisions.

At one site where the in-situ air flow test stand was used, two combustion cans/nozzle assemblies were found with issues, permitting replacement from site spares, and gas turbine operations were allowed to continue. Suspect cans were removed for analysis and repair. Outage and extended downtime were avoided.

At another site, nozzles were operating properly but problems were identified downstream at the transition piece seals. Other site tests discovered debris in pigtail piping, disengaged seals, holes in liners or transition pieces, and crossfire tube damage.

In each case, Portable In-Situ Flow Test Stand implementation led to proper diagnosis and repair saving the user time and money!

Portable In-Situ Air Flow Test Stand

Stay on schedule

Flow test time and labor are minimal, requiring only one flow-bench operator and one individual for manual task support. Once an area of concern is identified from unit flow charts, testing can normally be completed within one shift.

The cost savings associated with this type of flow test can range from cost avoidance for not having to perform an outage to savings from minimal downtime.

MD&A knows that ongoing and careful attention to the gas turbine combustion process is critical to both a unit’s availability and to its reliable and predictable operation. The air/gas portable flow test stand is a key offering in support of this critical owner/operator goal. The shared objective is improved unit availability.

MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services, is a global leader in the testing, repair, and manufacture of gas turbine fuel nozzles for both power generation and industrial use.

MD&A is committed to being a full-service provider to the power generation industry. Along with the Portable In-Situ Air Flow Test Stand, we can couple it with a field service Borescope Inspection for a complete investigation by our Gas Turbine Services Division.

Our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We take great pride in being a recognized OEM alternative for field testing and services, as well as critical component replacement and repair.

We continue to expand our resources of professionals, facilities, and equipment to respond quickly, properly, and accurately. We are your full-service, OEM-alternative!

Call our MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services Division today at +1 (864) 721-4200 or use our Contact form.

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