Overhaul Steam Turbine Repairs

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) provides overhaul Steam Turbine Repairs to power generation plants worldwide. A full-service, OEM-alternative offers products for steam turbines, gas turbines, and generators to our multiple clients.

Our engineers make steam turbine repairs and recommendations based upon the owner’s intended operating plans for the unit. With over thirty years of experience in steampath engineering, our aim is to give high-quality service and assistance to our clients.

We maintain a staff of experienced full-time steampath engineers who specialize in the repair of stationary and rotating components. We are committed to providing premium-level Steam Turbine Repairs.

Why choose MD&A

For almost 40 years, our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We focus on delivering consistent quality and value with fast response, superior communications, and innovative solutions.

MD&A is easy to work with. We provide immediate access to expert help when you need it, where you need it. Around the corner or the globe, we ensure prompt, thorough communication, and follow-through. For every repair job, large or small, the speed and effectiveness of our response team are matched only by the depth and breadth of our engineering expertise.

Find out today why so many power generators use MD&A to maximize operational effectiveness.

Steam Turbine Repairs

The Steam Turbine Repairs that we offer include the following:

1.     Stationary Component Repair

We specialize in the repair of blade rings and diaphragms and provide full-time on-site supervision during your steampath turbine repairs. From small-scale weld repairs to developing new diaphragms, we provide a comprehensive list of restoration services.

2.     Rotating Component Repair

We provide an array of repair services for rotating components to power plant owners. Our team of experts has high-quality steam turbine rotor welding experience. From minor weld-specific repairs to total rotating component replacement, we provide multiple types of Steam Turbine Repairs.

3.     Rotor Straightening

Our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility provides proprietary distortion correction for straightening bowed rotors in steam turbines. We provide computer modeling techniques and recommendations, plus an engineering analysis to find the root issue.

4.     Machining Services

We offer a wide variety of steampath repair equipment and field machining services to use on-site. Our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility machining capabilities include in-shop and on-site repair horizontal joints for turbine casings, defective rotors, valves, or other turbine-generator components.

5.     Portable Machine Shops

We have multiple portable machine shops available for use during plant projects. Clients can also use these shops during an outage. Our shops are available in portable Conex trailers and are fully stocked with drill passes, metal grinders, lathe, and many other essential tools.

6.     Casing/Shell Analysis & Renovation

Our engineers offer multiple steam turbine repair services and engineering to help determine the root cause behind casing/shell failure. Our capabilities range from computer-aided “stress” analysis, metallurgical testing, and innovative solutions to complete turnkey repairs and operating software.

Steam Turbine Repairs

7.     Distortion Correction

Our experts in the Repairs Division provide proprietary distortion correction techniques and procedures to permanently address issues associated with out-of-round shells, nozzles, and other critical steampath components.

8.     Westinghouse® Horizontal Throttle Valves

We provide upgrade and restoration services specifically for the existing design problems in the Westinghouse® horizontal throttle valves. We offer full-service, one-stop valve repair, and upgrade of all steam valves.

9.     Bearing Ball Ring Repairs

MD&A’s Bearings, Seals, and Hydraulics division performs precise bearing ball ring repairs utilizing our horizontal bore machine. We provide a complete restoration to the spherical fit and can perform checks to ensure proper assembly on site.

10.     Turbine Valve Actuators

Our experts can provide complete Rexroth® hydraulic actuator refurbishment. We maintain an inventory of retainers, seals, and disc springs to handle short-cycle turnaround requirements. To assure a seamless transition to system operations, we will perform a documented functional test of your actuator.

11.     High-Pressure Valve Repair

We offer inspection, restoration, upgrades, and repair services of utility and industrial high-pressure valves and components.  We offer full-service, one-stop valve repair, and upgrade of all high-pressure steam valves.

12.     High-Speed Balance

Our high-speed balance facility is one of the most modern balance facilities which was designed with vacuum capabilities and the ability to excite generator rotors at high speed. This allows our engineering specialists to handle turbine and generator-related balancing and testing effectively.

Steam Turbine Repairs

13.     Control Pac Power Actuators

MD&A provides complete refurbishment and functional testing of power actuators to reduce the need for field adjustments and eliminate variables when troubleshooting operational issues. As part of our steam turbine repair services we offer spring can refurbishment, servo testing, short cycle delivery, spare parts inventory, and stop valve bypass refurbishment.

14.     MHC Operating Governor

We offer functional testing of steam turbine MHC operating governors to decrease field adjustments during start-up. We maintain worm gears, pilot valve types, programmable replacements, incremental upgrades, and performance monitoring diagnostic instrumentation. We also provide short cycle delivery and performance monitoring diagnostic instrumentation.

15.     Steam Seal Regulator

Our Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division can refurbish your steam seal regulator. We use calibration and functional repairs to verify the effectiveness of the steam turbine repairs. We also maintain an extensive stock of pressure bellows, seats, high-pressure steams, and piston rings.

16.     Tapered Land Thrust

MD&A’s Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division can manufacture, and repair tapered land thrust bearings. We can provide material upgrades, fixture profiling, instrumentation in performance monitoring, and short cycle delivery.

17.     Control Rotor

MD&A’s Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division offers cost-effective control rotor services. We also offer critical fit area restoration, pump impeller repair, dynamic balancing, journal grinding, and governor impeller sleeve manufacturing and repairs.

18.     Overspeed Governor

MD&A’s Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division offers cost-effective overspeed governor adjustment services. We also offer short cycle delivery and a useful range of specialty spare parts.

19.     Elliptical Journal

We design, repair, and manufacture elliptical bearings to remove the steam whirl or oil whip side effects of your steam turbine. We also provide short cycle delivery, insulation mounting and spherical mounting restoration, and performance monitoring instrumentation.

20.     Tilt Pad Thrust

A tilt pad thrust bearing retrofit is a cost-effective solution when sole plate settling or other foundation changes have created poor alignment conditions. We offer clients predictable bump check shim sizing and complete assembly reconditioning.

21.     Tilt Pad Journal

One of the steampath turbine repair services we offer is tilt pad journal bearing retrofits. A tilt pad journal is useful for managing the effects of steam whirl or oil whip conditions. We offer complete assembly, provide material upgrades, performance monitoring instrumentation, and short cycle delivery.

22.     Bronze Turbine Seal Rings

The Bearings, Seals, & Hydraulics Division at MD&A provides a range of bronze turbine seals rings that include manufacturing to spec, in-house stocking of custom alloys, and expedited delivery on a short cycle.

23.     Oil Deflectors

MD&A Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division offers complete oil deflector reconditioning to assure the long-term integrity of a tight oil sealing system. Our inventory includes seal tooth material, dowels, steam painting/cleaning, and body bolt components.

24.     Advanced Rotor Welding

We offer both in-kind and upgraded weld filler materials that address many of the most common operational and stress-related failures.  We provide full turnkey weld repair and reconditioning services to include equipment inspections and damage assessment, weld repair solutions, baseline, and weld repair geometry finite element analysis, as well as root cause failure analysis.


Our skilled and experienced team of experts is invested in providing high-quality testing and steam turbine repair services. With our help, you can improve the operating conditions of your unit and discover any underlying issues. Talk to one of our experts and discover all the repairs we offer, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Check out our video: Steam Turbine Capabilities.

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