MD&A IBECS® – The Integrated Solution to Power Plant Control and Monitoring

Power plant control and monitoring can be complex given the need to integrate many different platforms. Adding to the complexity is the fact that HMI’s (Human-Machine Interface) supplied by the OEM often only interface with the OEMs controller and not with ancillary systems.  Lastly, ongoing support and updates from the common operating system may be an issue going forward.IBECS

MD&A has developed IBECS® to address these complexities. IBECS® is an HMI/SCADA system that integrates with many different platforms and provides a single place to control and monitor the entire power plant.

IBECS® is a powerful solution that simplifies power plant control and monitoring to provide the following benefits/features:

  • Integrates multiple platforms in a single place
  • Fully redundant (when two or more IBECS® HMIs are in service)
  • Historical high-speed logging and trending
  • Easy to configure graphics and displays
  • Ability to perform diagnostics and monitor your process from anywhere
  • Faster response time through native communication with control systems without the large created by third party communication protocols
  • Advanced Connectivity (i.e. OPC, Modbus, DNP3, ODBC, etc.)
  • Many more HMI/SCADA features

Eric Williamson, from the Cokenergy site, said:

“We replaced our existing GE® HMI with the IBECS® system.  Immediately we noticed it was so much easier to examine the code in the MarkV® using their interface software versus the old GE® software.  Instead of one rung at a time, and searching for items manually, we were able to see the rungs in a straight down format with click-searchable items which made for easier troubleshooting of issues.

The HMI side allows for more edits than the GE® side has.  We can monitor more points, as well as, add other systems to the same HMI system and be able to monitor/trend/control whatever we need to.  Overall, this system has helped us to not only keep the turbine online but prevent problems in the future by trending vibrations and temperatures.”

MD&A Controls Systems division maintains a staff of OEM experienced field engineers who provide installation, technical support, advanced troubleshooting, training, and consulting services for gas and steam turbine controls, generator excitation, and turbine auxiliary systems. Our experts offer turbomachinery consulting services, customized data collection, and analysis, along with complete start-up and commissioning support

For more information on IBECS®, call MD&A Turbine and Generator Controls Division today at +1 (970) 224-2223 or use our Contact form.


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