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At MD&A, We truly work together, as one team! We collaborate, we listen, we innovate.  We put energy behind everything we do! Explore A Career with a Powerful Purpose!

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Safe and reliable electric power doesn’t just happen.
It’s created, generated, most often by one of these, joined to one of these. Each has value.
Combined, they are powerful and complex.
When these machines need service and repair, that’s where we come in.
MD&A: Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis.
We bring our expertise, and our team’s commitment to precision to everything we do.
We analyze, we talk.
We rally to find solutions; and we respond.
We help keep the lights on; keep things moving around the globe.
Visit one of our shops. You won’t see assembly lines.
You’ll see the world’s most precise machines,
in the hands of the world’s most resourceful and professional people.
It’s all cutting edge stuff.
Come witness the generation of electric power. You can feel it.
We’re magnetic; energetic!
We talk, we collaborate, we go well above and beyond the norm.
If we see barriers, we step over them.
It’s exciting, fun and incredibly rewarding.
We listen to our customers, and they listen to us.
Embracing bright ideas, we learn every day—we challenge ourselves and vitalize our careers.
Finding answers drives us and we celebrate those successes.
And when we go home safely each day, when we flip the switch,
we know we are part of it all—for us, and for those around us.
Dynamic is not just in our name; it’s in our culture.
It resonates throughout the MD&A workforce.
At MD&A, we truly work together, as one team!
We collaborate, we listen, we innovate.
We put energy behind everything we do!
Explore a Career with a Powerful Purpose.
Sound interesting? We’d like to talk.


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