Rexroth Hydraulic Actuator

MD&A Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division (MD&A) recently rebuilt a Rexroth® hydraulic actuator in less than 5 days which included providing new disc springs, servo, poppet valve and shaft. This level of service saved the owner weeks of forced outage downtime and revenue loss.

During operation the owner observed erratic valve response and hydraulic fluid weeping from a telltale drain. The disassembly discovery revealed fractured disc springs and embrittled seals in the packing head and cylinder. The servo and poppet valves were damaged due to fluid contamination.

Rexroth® Hydraulic Actuator

Shaft scoring and spring housing gaulling was also observed as a result of the above mentioned discovery.

Rexroth® Hydraulic Actuator

Upon reassemble with new components, the Rexroth® actuator was functionally tested in a test stand at the MD&A shop using the exact same brand of EH fluid that is used at the owners’ site. MD&A provided shipping stands and containers for secure inbound / outbound transit.


MD&A is committed to supporting combined cycle plant owners’ Rexroth® hydraulic actuators needs.

MD&A understands the urgency of downtime and will conduct a proactive survey of your hydraulic actuators to assure they have the parts on hand to support a quick turnaround.

Rexroth® Hydraulic Actuator

To schedule a survey of your Rexroth® Hydraulic Actuators, call MD&A at (800) 446-4776.

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