Global Multiyear Major Outages

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) recently performed multiyear outages for a customer on several different units in Colombia.

First unit:  This was a major outage and generator test & inspection. In addition, this unit was retrofitted with a new rotor, bearings, and steam path components that required machining, including installing and fitting new nozzles. MD&A provided Project Management, Technical Direction, a Controls Engineer, and a Vibration Engineer for startup and balancing.

In order to maintain the outage’s schedule, MD&A worked closely with the OEM’s engineering team to ensure that the new retrofitted components were installed correctly and to resolve any technical or engineering issues quickly. MD&A’s knowledge, experience and our skilled project manager and technical adviser resulted in this successful outage.

Major OutageMD&A’s Repairs Division personnel performed onsite final machining of the nozzle plates and their associated shell locations. Our repair technicians also performed on-site diaphragm repairs.

MD&A also provided a packing installation specialist to install and final machine new upgraded packing.

To support the major outage schedule and expedite the on-site work, MD&A sourced equipment locally to overcome the time required to get the specialty tooling and equipment trailers through Colombian customs.

This unit was started up without incident and has been operational since.

Major OutageAnother unit: MD&A provided Project Management and Technical Direction on a Steam Turbine Generator (STG) major inspection and performed Generator testing and inspection. MD&A also provided a balance engineer, Topless Alignment®, and start-up commissioning support through our Turbine and Generator Controls Division.

The steam turbine had not been inspected for 23 years. Using MD&A’s pre-outage planning processes and experience, the execution team immediately started working to identify & mitigate potential project risks. One example was special tooling, which needed to be located and prepared for use.

After the balancing work was performed, the machine was started up smoothly, synchronized, and brought to full load. This unit has been operational without issue since this start up, after 23 years without maintenance.

Major Outage

Another unit: MD&A worked this unit and the one above in parallel to minimize the impacts on schedule caused by the emergent work.  MD&A provided Project Management, Technical Direction, and balance support at start up for this valve, bearing, and turning gear inspection.  MD&A also supported conversion of the Mechanical Hydraulic Controls (MHC) to Electro-Hydraulic Controls (EHC) (with the exception of the mechanical overspeed trip, which was retained).

Major OutageThis unit was started up without incident and has been operational ever since.

Last unit:  This major outage was similar to the other unit’s scope including valve, bearings, and turning gear, but was expanded to include generator bearings and coupling alignment. As was the case for all units, a lube oil flush was performed. For this start up, vibration data was analyzed remotely by MD&A, saving the customer the mobilization cost for the vibration specialist.

This unit was also started up without incident and has been operational ever since.

Epilogue: These successful outages demonstrate the full-service capability, responsiveness, and flexibility that MD&A can provide. The customer was very appreciative of our flexibility and our ability to adjust our execution plan as required to support the overall outage plan.

Throughout the U.S. and around the globe, MD&A provides responsive support, thorough communication, and excellent execution, making MD&A the service provider of choice for numerous power generation asset owners who desire a one-stop solution for all of their turbine-generator needs.

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