Generator Automated Hydrogen Purge Package

In the power generation industry, most large generators are cooled by hydrogen gas. Hydrogen has excellent thermal conductivity properties, but it is also explosive and flammable when mixed even in small amounts with ordinary air.  If a unit will be offline for a while, for example, for a planned maintenance outage, the hydrogen must be removed.  The purging & removal of the hydrogen is a manual process and must be performed in the proper sequence.  Recent accidents in the industry have shown the risks with the process, and how performing this procedure incorrectly can be catastrophic.

MD&A’s Turbine and Generator Controls Division has a strategic partnership with Lectrodryer® to perform installation and commissioning services for their Generator Automated Hydrogen Purge Package.  When purchasing the Lectrodryer® hardware through MD&A, our experts can engineer the modification, remove the existing equipment, install the new equipment and integrate and commission the skid controls.

Generator Automated Hydrogen Purge Package Generator Automated Hydrogen Purge Package

Hardware included:

  • Lectrodryer® Automated CO2 Purge Package including the Generator Gas Monitoring and Control (GMCP) Panel and the Generator Fast Degas CO2 System (GFD) Skid
  • Piping and Electrical installation materials

Service included:

  • Engineering – Design of electrical connections and gas piping hook up based on agreed-upon equipment locations, including as-built one-line drawings.
  • Craft Labor – Mechanical and Electrical Craft Labor as required to complete the installation and commissioning
  • Technical Direction – Onsite engineer for the supervision of the equipment installation and commissioning.
  • Calibration and commissioning of all Lectrodryer® equipment by MD&A and Lectrodryer®.

Most generators using this package can purge hydrogen to CO2 in under one hour.

Give your plant the best possible solution with a minimum of oversight by combining the proven Lectrodryer® Generator Automated Hydrogen Purge Package with MD&A’s experience on generator auxiliary systems’ operation and maintenance.

MD&A’s Turbine and Generator Controls Division maintains a staff of OEM-experienced field engineers who provide installation, technical support, advanced troubleshooting, training, and consulting services for gas and steam turbine controls, generator excitation, and auxiliary systems.

Call our MD&A’s Turbine and Generator Controls Division today at +1 (970) 224-2223 or use our Contact form.


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