Gas Turbine Parts Solutions

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis (MD&A) offers multiple gas turbine parts and components to power generation plants worldwide that improve the functionality of their unit. Our high-quality part solutions and retrofits can improve the reliability, life extension, and capacity demands of your gas turbine-generators.

MD&A San Antonio Service Center’s experts have the knowledge and experience to repair many types of multi-frame gas turbine combustion and hot gas path components. MD&A Fuel Nozzle Services specializes in refurbishing and repairing fuel nozzles in gas turbines.

Why Choose MD&A?

For over 40 years, our commitment to excellence has earned customer trust for all turbine-generator needs. We focus on delivering consistent quality and value with fast response, superior communications, and innovative solutions.

MD&A is easy to work with. We provide immediate access to expert help when you need it, where you need it. Around the corner or the globe, we ensure prompt, thorough communication, and follow-through. For every repair job, large or small, the speed and effectiveness of our response team are matched only by the depth and breadth of our engineering expertise.

Find out today why so many power generators use MD&A to maximize operational effectiveness.

1.     Frame 7EA Parts Solutions

Our San Antonio Service Center is highly equipped to handle Frame 7EA gas parts manufacturing and repair work. We have leading-edge repair techniques and equipment in the facility for handling multiple-frame hot gas path components and combustion components in gas turbines. You can expect long service life and enhanced durability of your units with our parts.

2.     Frame 7FA Parts Solutions

Our experts provide Frame 7FA gas parts manufacturing and repairs, and upgrades with improved designs. Our leading-edge repair tactics and equipment can extend the service life of your gas-turbine combustion and hot gas path components.

3.     V Series Parts Solutions

Our team at the MD&A San Antonio Service Center has an extensive history of repairing your V series components. We can also manufacture new enhanced gas turbine new parts with improved designs using proprietary advanced technology to extend their service life.

4.     Fuel Nozzles

MD&A is a worldwide leader in the production of gas turbine fuel nozzles. We can service and support gas turbine Frame 5 fuel nozzles, Frame 6 fuel nozzles, Frame 7 fuel nozzles, and Frame 9 fuel nozzles, including standard, Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC), and Dry Low NOx System (DLN) 1.0, 2.0, and 2.6 for industrial and power generation customers.

5.     Combustion Parts

We are a premier supplier of gas turbine combustion components for a Combustion Inspection, Hot Gas Path, or Major Outage. We can provide new and refurbished solutions across a wide range of OEMs, frame sizes, and technologies, from standard combustion through Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustor (MNQC) & Dry Low NOx System (DLN).

6.     Compressor Parts

The Parts Division at MD&A provides heavy-frame Gas Turbine compressor components. We supply upgraded and replace-in-kind compressor blading services for EGVS and IGVs, among others. We also provide hardware from rotor through bolts and nuts to blade spacers and balance weights to support turnkey compressor overhauls.

Gas Turbine Parts Solutions

7.     Turbine Parts

MD&A is a premier worldwide supplier of heavy-frame Gas Turbine hot section components. MD&A has a wide depth of knowledge of materials, coatings, and manufacturing technologies to support your Gas Turbine part requirements. Whether you’re looking to extend outage intervals or looking to minimize cost with refurbished components, MD&A can provide competitive alternatives to the OEM.

8.     Gas Turbine Bearings

MD&A’s Bearings, Seals, and Hydraulics Division can maintain a new, identical turbine bearing in our inventory for you, eliminating uncertainty, excess costs and freeing up your plant personnel to address on-site critical path items.

9.     Fasteners

MD&A Parts Division can quickly and effectively respond to the need for any type of fastener for many types of steam turbines. Our inventory also includes various washers and nuts, useful for turbine-generator maintenance.

10.     Oil Deflectors

MD&A Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division offers complete oil deflector reconditioning to assure the long-term integrity of a tight oil sealing system. Our inventory includes seal tooth material, dowels, steam painting/cleaning, and body bolt components.

11.     Legacy Turbine Circuit Boards, Repairs & Service

MD&A Turbine and Generator Controls Division can replace and service cards. We offer most circuit cards for MKII and MKI, and many other OEM turbine control cards as well.

12.     IBECS System

Our proprietary IBECS® system is useful for monitoring the power plant and turbine-generator component conditions. One can easily configure the HMI online as well.

Gas Turbine Parts Solutions


Our team at MD&A is dedicated to providing efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective gas turbine parts to our customers. Our component upgrades can enhance turbine efficiency and last longer! Speak with one of our experts today and discover all of the gas turbine-generator parts we offer.

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