Gas Turbine Maintenance Strategies

A gas turbine maintenance strategy that keeps your fleet and turbine competitive includes:

  • Knowing your assets and operating procedures: Understanding what assets are owned and their current condition is the first building block to creating a maintenance plan. Thorough understanding of your organization’s procedures will identify gaps that can expose you to unplanned events.
  • Establishing standard maintenance procedures: Consistent and reliable maintenance should be independent of the person performing the maintenance. Documentation will help get everyone in the organization on the same page with respect to each asset’s maintenance needs.
  • Creating reliability and maintenance policies: Maintenance for maintenance sake is not the goal. Your organization has business objectives that need to be communicated through policies.  This helps everyone know how their contribution helps move the business towards achieving those objectives.
  • Using automated maintenance management software: Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) can be used to more efficiently and consistently manage the time and resources required to maintain your equipment.
  • Performing required maintenance on-time: The time frames defined for completing a maintenance task should not be too broad, otherwise intervals may be too long or too short depending on when a technician completes the task.

As a full-service provider, MD&A experts can help guide turbine-generator owners in planning and executing a gas turbine-generator outage, therefore, freeing up plant personnel.

Our maintenance advanced planning services optimizes outage effectiveness and minimizes outage durations and frequencies. It also helps identify and mitigate unforeseen issues occurring during an outage while maintaining a planned outage schedule.

This maintenance strategy includes a non-biased, third-party evaluation of historic and planned outage activities, while accounting for current operating needs and unit-specific maintenance issues.

Our network of highly experienced project managers and technical directors review unit performance and reliability, and then use it as a basis for outage planning. Likewise, operating conditions, historical data, fleet data, and OEM recommendations are compiled in report form and used to develop an outage planning document.

Our expertise and knowledge can provide turbine-generator owners with a competitive maintenance strategy.

Our specialized services range from Combustion, Hot Gas Path and Major Inspections, as well as, Compressor & Turbine Rotor Repairs to Plant Performance Testing and Analysis.

Our project managers and technical directors are seasoned professionals with a broad range of experiences whose skill sets cover both common and unique makes and models of turbo machinery from around the world.

We can also perform generator inspection and repairs, along with providing innovative solutions to numerous aging fleet issues; for example, 7FH2 generator spring migration repair and dusting on 7FH2 & 324 stator end winding systems.

Our Parts Division is a premier worldwide supplier of replacement new and refurbished gas capital and consumable parts. Our San Antonio Service center offers gas turbine component repairs and upgraded parts. Our facility and team have leading edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise on multiple frame gas turbine hot gas path and combustion components.

Lastly, our Turbine and Generator Controls Division provides expertise to service or retrofit turbine control and generator excitation systems and their auxiliaries.

Find out today why so many power generators use MD&A to maximize operational effectiveness. Call our MD&A Gas Turbine Services today at +1 (518) 399-3616 or use our Contact form.

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