Vernon Fullerton

Generator Specialist Generator Repairs Division

Vernon FullertonBackground

I received an Engineering degree from Orono in 1994 from my native state of Maine. After completing a Co-Op internship at the local Paper Mill I realized that there must be better places to work. Fortunately, GE® offered a position directly out of college and enrollment in their TLP (Technical Leadership Program) with their Nuclear Services Business. This work transitioned into supporting the GE MAGIC (In-situ inspections) then into the GS (Generator Specialist) Program in 2001 also with GE®. In 2007, MD&A offered me a position as a GS where I have been working since, performing generator repairs, inspections, and rewinds.

What do you do here at MD&A?

As a generator specialist, I support customers’ generator needs at their utility power plants. This includes testing, inspection, repairs, and consulting on all the generator components, such as exciters, stators, and fields, and the occasional supporting work in the St. Louis Repairs shop. I also help determine bid scope and cost.

What has been your favorite project at MD&A?

My favorite project was repairing a “termite leak.”  Magnetic particles, commonly known as “magnetic termites,” can be affected by the magnetic field of the rotor winding.

In this case, the magnetic field caused this “termite” to drill itself into the stator bar, causing a leak in the water cool strand. We pulled the clip off each end, identified which strand was leaking, then we plugged both ends of that strand so the water couldn’t get out.

What is the most interesting challenge you have come across with a field or stator rewind?

The most interesting challenge I have experienced was performing a stator rewind in Ghana. Because it is a developing country, we didn’t have access to all the materials we needed. Instead, we tried to source the specific materials we use for a stator rewind locally.

I also contracted malaria there, so that was challenging.

When would you do a Wedge system upgrade?

A wedge system should be upgraded if the bar can move in the slot. Typical Wedge Types offered by MD&A are Piggyback With or Without Top Ripple Springs and Flat Wedge With or Without Top Ripple Springs.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?



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