Tom Brittain

General Manager Generator Division


I am the General Manager for the generator repairs division at our Turbine-Generator Repair Facility in St. Louis, MO. My entire service career has been with MD&A, and I am responsible for developing new strategies, adding resources, and developing new product lines to support the generator business. Prior to my current position, I spent ten years as the operations manager for the generator division.

You have been at MD&A for a long time. What was it like back then and how did it evolve?

I have been with MD&A for 26 years. At that time, I was one of 11 people working for the company. In 1994, I was promoted to shop foreman over four full-time shop employees supporting the generator repairs group. We manufactured tooling, equipment, insulation, and materials for rewind fields and remanufactured high voltage bushings for the power industries. It was a significant effort to complete as a very small company against the giant OEMs, but, over time, we have become one of the largest non-OEM providers in the world.

What aspect do you enjoy most about your new role at MD&A?

I enjoy any task that has a lot of challenges. It keeps my job interesting. I also enjoy seeing the company grow and succeed.

What has been your favorite project at MD&A?

The most interesting job I have worked on was replacing a stub shaft of a generator rotor after a collector ring flash over destroyed the collector rings and the collector end shaft. It’s very impressive to see our team salvage something and return it to service after others condemn it.  Read our case study.

What is the biggest problem you have encountered with refurbishing High Voltage Bushings?  How did you solve it?

The most complicated issue I have encountered with a high voltage bushing was reverse engineering and manufacturing a brand-new bushing after it suffered severe damage from a hydrogen explosion.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my very little spare time, I enjoy heading to the farm with my boys and hunting. This time is priceless to me.


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