Tom Brittain

General Manager Generator Repairs Division

Continuing our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we asked some of our most tenured employees about their experience working for MD&A. Tom Brittain, General Manager of the Generator Division shares his thoughts on MD&A.


Why did you choose to work for MD&A and why have you continued to choose to work at MD&A?

I chose MD&A due to the fact that they were a new company trying to get off the ground and I wanted to be a part of the challenge. I chose to stay and continue working with MD&A because we continue to excel and the stability overall.

What was the organization like when you joined?

11 people total and a very challenging time. Determined to succeed!

Do you remember your first day?

Like it was yesterday. The only team that we had was in Hawaii working on a field rewind. Myself and two others started moving some purchased equipment into a shop that we rented in Fenton MO to start building a shop to start production out of the Mid-West.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time with MD&A thus far?

Tom Brittain

My most favorite memories: The summer company picnics and the Christmas parties with the entire Repairs group. It allowed everyone to get together outside of work and unwind after outage seasons.

What is the best part of your job or tasks?

Executing each task successfully and a very happy customer when we walk off the turbine deck or ship a generator field back to the site.

How has MD&A helped you in your career development?

MD&A has supported me in each role that I have been promoted to. They allowed me to achieve the necessary training to make me a successful leader/manager to my division.


Thank you, Tom!


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