Ryan Cole

Steampath Repairs Support Engineer MD&A Turbine-Generator Repairs


I graduated from the University of Illinois in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Before coming to MD&A, I worked in the Utilities Engineering department at Anheuser-Busch where I was responsible for the design and execution of large scale capital projects. I have been working as a Steampath Engineer at MD&A since 2009.

What do you do here at MD&A?

I am responsible for the evaluation and repairs of rotating and stationary steampath components.

What is the most interesting job/ challenge you have come across at the shop?

The most challenging project that I have been part of was the design upgrade and fabrication of a new nozzle plate during my first few months here at MD&A.  Learning how to design and manufacture a stationary component was very valuable in gaining a better understanding of how to repair them.

What are Diaphragm Repair Rules of Thumb?

When I examine diaphragm data, I suggest different repairs based on the amount of distortion.

Horizontal Joint Gaps are greater than .020″: Weld and machine horizontal joint

Diaphragms are out of round up to .100″: Machine packing hooks/spill strips

Diaphragms are out of round greater than .100″: Consider re-rounding via stress relief.

Diaphragm is dished .030″-.156″: Install a steam seal face insert to push the diaphragm back up stream and install offset packing.

What is a coupon repair?

Sometimes when repairing diaphragm partitions, it makes sense to weld in a “coupon” instead of building up the entire partition with weld metal.  Performing a coupon repair involves welding in a piece of material that has already been contoured to the final partition shape.  Once it is welded in place, the coupon is blended into the existing material. We have found that on partitions larger than 6”, a coupon repair can be faster and more cost efficient for the customer.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to play volleyball, fish, and kayak. 

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