Mike Broggi

General Manager Turbine and Generator Controls Division

Mike BroggiBackground

I started my power generation career as a field engineer for General Electric® working in places like Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and finally the US. After 10 years on the road, I took the opportunity to shift focus and work on global business development activities at Bently Nevada® following GE purchasing them. After a few years, I became manager for manufacturing and supply chain for BN and GE controls and excitation projects, managing several facilities around the globe. Following that, I came to MD&A where I have been managing the controls and excitation division for 9 years.

What do you do here at MD&A? What aspect do you enjoy most about your role at MD&A?

I am General Manager of the Turbine and Generator Controls Division which actually does a lot more than just controls and excitation.  We are looked to for expertise on overall unit operation, which usually also involves hydraulic work, generator expertise, plant operations, etc.  That is the most enjoyable part; the fact that we are the people who get called to pull the whole powertrain together and get it running.

What is the oldest turbine control and generator excitation system that you have serviced?

Hard to say sometimes since prior to the 1940s customers start to lose track. I know there have been a few from the 1920s.

What is the coolest job you’ve worked on? What has been your favorite project at MD&A?

There have been a lot of fun jobs over the years. One that particularly stands out was a years-long project where we retrofitted 13 geothermal units at one site with everything from turbine valve actuators (60 total), controls and excitation systems, hydraulic modifications, and a lot of on-site engineering to tie everything together.

A customer once asked, “if the turbine could use the normal amount of steam but run without an exciter”?

It would go really fast! (actually, it would trip or self-destruct in seconds.)

What has been the best vacation spot you have been to?

The best vacation spot is also where I lived for a while on a long installation. My wife and I lived in Sardinia, Italy for a couple of years and loved it so much we go back frequently with the family.  Of course, I’m a skier too so I also love going to the mountains.


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