Mark LaBonte

Engineering Technician Parts Division

Mark LaBonte Headshot

Continuing our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we asked some of our most tenured employees about their experience working for MD&A. Mark LaBonte, Engineering Technician – MD&A Parts Division shares his thoughts on MD&A.



How has your job changed over the years?

Well, in my years with the company I’ve run the full gamut. Started sweeping floors, benching/cleaning parts, then milling, then turning, and other aspects of manufacturing. During such, I earned my degree to get where I am now; engineering. I currently design seals based on data compiled from the field using solid modeling and drawing creation.

How have you seen MD&A change in the time that you’ve worked here?

The main thing I’ve observed is growth and continuing to evolve in an ever-changing marketplace.

What is the best part of your job or tasks?

One of the things I enjoy most is seeing a job or project through from start to finish. Especially from pre-measure, through manufacturing, and finally installation. It’s a very satisfying feeling to be involved and hear that start-up went as planned and estimated efficiencies are being met.

Where do you see MD&A and the industry going in the next 40 years?

I see us continuing to grow, both here and abroad, which we are seeing now. And I believe we’ll be following the industry in exploring and continuing to develop manufacturing, supplying parts, and servicing potentially cleaner sources of energy, as we are doing with gas technology now. I expect this to go further as we adapt to newer technologies and advancements in renewables going forward.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time with MD&A thus far?

So many over the years, I’ve been blessed to work with family and close friends for decades. But there have been a few standout memories. One of which was redesigning a turbine from hardbound seals to spring back seals. It was a one-of-a-kind project and was successful, very satisfying. But most notably, it’s the people I work with. Many of which have become close friends, as mentioned, and some, almost family.


Thank you, Mark!


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