Kevin Hunter

Engineering Manager MD&A Parts Division


I attended RIT for my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and then RPI for my Masters In Mechanical Engineering.  I began my engineering career in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program at Electric Boat in Connecticut.  I worked on a series of assignments that dealt with component design, development, and test for a variety of systems.  I then spent several years at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in New York taking on a variety of design and field engineering assignments followed by a series of engineering management roles before coming to MD&A in May 2022.


What do you do here at MD&A? What aspect do you enjoy most about your role at MD&A?

I am the Engineering Manager for the Parts Division.  I have the opportunity to lead a group of highly talented and dedicated engineers and designers on a daily basis.  Our group is responsible for reverse engineering of components and creating manufacturing drawings.

What is the most interesting job/ challenge you have come across at the shop?

Every replacement part opportunity is a new challenge for myself and my team.  We develop production definition for replacement parts across several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).  I am particularly excited as we continue to expand into Gas Turbine Capital Parts.

Why would you Reverse Engineer a part? What’s the benefit?

The main reasons for Reverse Engineering (RE) are to provide alternative options to customers requiring parts to effectively manage their cost and schedule of outages. The benefits of RE include being able to reconstruct obsolete parts, explore existing designs for vulnerabilities, and being able to provide a more timely and more cost-efficient part to customers without jeopardizing quality.

What are the benefits of adding stellite to certain surfaces of parts?

The main benefit of adding a stellite layer to part surfaces deals with enhancing the service life of the part.  There are several benefits for utilizing stellite some of which include both an increase in corrosion resistance and wear resistance of these surfaces

What is your personal motto?

Be flexible, be dependable, be honest, be a team player, be all in.

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