Kerri DiSalvatore

Contracts Administrator Contracts & Proposals

Kerri DiSalvatoreContinuing our 40th Anniversary Celebration, we asked some of our most tenured employees about their experience working for MD&A. Kerri DiSalvatore, Contracts Administrator – MD&A Contracts & Proposals shares her thoughts on MD&A.


What was (the organization) MD&A like when you joined?


MD&A was initially located in a big house about 15 minutes from my house.  This setup was conducive to feeling like a big family. Mr. Lindsey was an awesome boss/business owner; and very understanding.

How has your job changed over the years?

It seemed that as soon as I started, we started getting busier, and I remember proposals were still being submitted via hard copy.  Consequently, I did many drives to FedEx to make the 7/8 PM closing time.  Because of that, I would start at 9 AM.

How have you seen MD&A change in the time that you’ve worked here? How would you describe our company culture?

Mr. Lindsey alone made the 1st couple of decades of MD&A so much fun!  He would bring in his huge baskets from Lindseys’ Orchards for Secretary Day & Christmas. And Groundhog Day (his favorite holiday) was always Apple Pie. We were an intimate company with annual parties and picnics. After 30 years looking back, I still LOVE working at MD&A.

Do you have any favorite memories from your time with MD&A thus far?

Over 30+ years, there are many great memories but these 2 stand out:

At least 25 years ago:  Mr. Lindsey had a boat (yacht!) that he kept at Hudson for the summer.  He would invite various senior leaders to join him & his wife when they either sailed ‘her’ up from Ft. Lauderdale or down. One summer he invited employees to join him for a Hudson River Cruise. I knew my dad LOVED boats so I asked Mr. Lindsey if my parents could come and… of course he said sure!  One of my most cherished pictures of my dad is from that boat ride!

Jim Lindsey Boat

Most recently (only 10 or so years ago) was when the marketing group had a WHITE WATER RAFTING adventure.  All the sales managers were in town and the receptionist at the time and the IT manager, as well as some of the St. Louis Proposals team. There were 2 boats and I was on the WILD & CRAZY one – boy did we have a ride! I was in the front and I’ve never been more scared or invigorated.

White water rafting

Why have you continued to choose to work at MD&A? Where do you see MD&A and the industry going in the next 40 years?

Why do I continue to work at MD&A – so many reasons.  I love my job!  The people are wonderful.  Each day is a chance to do more and feel gratified in accomplishing a finished product.

I honestly believe this power industry of ours is the heartbeat of America and because of the continued investment in each and every employee, I see Mr. Lindsey’s vision of MD&A continuing for many generations to come.


Thank you, Kerri!


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