Gary Stansbury

General Manager Gas Turbine Services Division


After graduating from the University of Florida, I began my career as a Field Engineer for GE with a focus on gas turbine maintenance and installation. I was promoted to Service Manager, and then to Installation Director for the Southeast US Region, where we installed over 100 gas turbines during the power “bubble.” I worked in GE headquarters for a few years before becoming President of Penpower, a wholly owned affiliate of GE. Before joining MD&A, I did a couple of interesting things, like run my own company and work in the Wind Energy business.

What do you do here at MD&A?

I run the Gas Turbine business for MD&A. Most companies know that we perform gas turbine maintenance activities at customer sites, but few know that we are full-service and we have many divisions that have supported the GT and combined cycle businesses for many years. Examples include bearing repairs and hydrogen seals by MD&A Bearings, Seals & Hydraulics Division, generator testing & inspection and repairs, gas turbine consumable kits by MD&A Parts Division, and gas turbine internal alignment through OSD.

How do you see the gas turbine industry changing in the next 5 or 10 years?

Industry trends indicate a continued investment in the gas fired combined cycle fleet. As long as the price of gas is low, these combined cycle plants will continue to operate at or near base load, driving a need for parts, repairs, and services. MD&A is well positioned to capitalize on this market segment, with a focus on gas turbine, steam turbine and generator offerings. Our market segment should continue to grow.

What has been your favorite project at MD&A?

In the gas turbine segment, we work on a variety of projects at any given time. Currently, we are working on a Frame 7FA maintenance project, where the scope is for a 7FA major inspection, as well as 7FH2 Generator major. MD&A has been awarded scopes not only for the GT and GEN majors, but also for generator test and inspection, in-shop generator field repairs, internal alignment, and other divisional scopes. It is great to maximize the opportunity and bring many of the strengths of MD&A to the customer.

What is the most interesting challenge you have come across at a jobsite?

One project was an impressive feat for MD&A, and a great example of our unique ability to provide customer solutions. Our customer was experiencing issues with their 234MVA generator, and needed a replacement field. MD&A located, purchased and sold the spare field in a few days. The gas turbine maintenance team removed the field from a generator in storage, and sent the field to the St. Louis Repair Facility for minor repairs and a high-speed balance. The gas turbine maintenance team replaced the faulty field with the new one under very difficult circumstances. The old field was sent to the St. Louis Repair Facility for repairs and a high-speed balance, as well. There are not many companies in the world that could pull this off, but MD&A made it happen in a few weeks from start to finish. I continue to be amazed by the ingenuity and professionalism of our Repair Facility personnel, as well as our Field Engineers, Supervisors and Craftsmen.

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What is your favorite thing on your desk?

Probably the picture of my family… when I am having a “challenging” day, I sometimes notice the picture of my wife and three kids, and it puts things into perspective. I realize how blessed I am to have them, and gain some inspiration to finish the day strong!

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