Curtis Hall

Production Control Manager Parts Division

Curtis HallBackground:

I started working at a Packing and Spill Manufacturing company in 1989. My duties began as a Quality Inspector and Drafting/Design technician. I handled all Reverse Engineering and Pre-Measurements, eventually advancing to oversee the Engineering and Sales departments of the company. In 1998, I transitioned to Turbo Parts to manage the Packing and Spills Division and expand the Guardian and Vortex Spill businesses. Turbo Parts was acquired by MD&A in 2003. Throughout my tenure, I’ve been involved in various aspects ranging from Design, Reverse Engineering, and Pre-Measurements to Sales, Raw Material Procurement, and Production Control.

What do you do here at MD&A? What aspect do you enjoy most about your role at MD&A?

I am the Production Control Manager working with our Packing and Seals Manufacturing Shop in Marion, Ohio. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with the team on the various types of seals we now produce and the challenges associated with manufacturing them.

Why did you choose to work for MD&A and why have you continued to choose to work at MD&A? How would you describe our company culture?

When Turbo Parts was sold and our division came under the control of MD&A, you could say I came with the package. I’ve chosen to continue with MD&A because of their genuine care for their employees, which is evident in the benefits and 401K they offer. Despite growing to over 600 employees, MD&A still maintains a small-company feel. They know your name and care about you not just as an employee, but as a person.

What is the most interesting job/ challenge you have come across at the shop?

The most interesting change, I would say, is the transition from being a manual machine shop to almost entirely CNC-based. This shift has significantly enhanced our quality. However, with the wide range of parts we now manufacture, managing the inventory of raw materials and maintaining appropriate min/max quantities is always a challenge.

What makes MD&A’s Packing and Seals Division stand out from competitors in this industry?

I would say there are really two things. First, MD&A offers all the required services for the customer, from opening, repairs, alignment, to custom seal installation. All these functional areas work closely with our packing design group to ensure customers receive the best-designed and fitted packing and seal package. The biggest factor that distinguishes us from our competitors is the leadership and employees we have at our shop. Our work culture is outstanding. Recently, I spoke with several of our employees who came from our competitors or other local shops, and a common statement from many of them was that this is the best job they have ever had.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Taking motorcycle trips with my wonderful wife Amanda, hunting, fishing, hiking and just being in the outdoors.


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