Collector Ring Refurbishment Project

Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis’ (MD&A) experts recently completed a collector ring refurbishment project utilizing our stationary shaft machining equipment at a customer’s plant.  All work was completed by MD&A’s Machining Services Division.

MD&A’s in-place stationary shaft machining process allowed for repair of damaged collector rings on-site. As-found inspections revealed that collector rings had approximately .030” of dishing in the area of brush contact.  The team measured the inboard (IB) ring and outboard (OB) ring as a preliminary inspection.

collector ring refurbishment

As-Found Condition of Collector Rings

Collector Ring refurbishment

As-Found Condition of Collector Rings

Our experts manufactured a stub shaft to bolt to the end of the generator field and indicated into the shaft centerline.

Utilizing our in-place stationary shaft tool, we machined the wear patterns and regrooved the collector rings.  Afterwards, the collector rings were polished with a single stone polishing fixture.

Following the repair, our team measured the inboard ring (IB) and outboard (OB) ring on final inspection and confirmed they met acceptance criteria for roundness and concentricity.

MD&A performs in-place stationary shaft machining, which enables repair of damaged journals, collector rings, and seal areas without removing turbine and generator rotors from the unit. Repairs are completed while stationary or on turning gear. We support collector ring axial widths as narrow as 1.5″ with our single stone process for final honing and polishing.  Rings can be removed and reinsulated if the system is grounded.

MD&A is a full-service OEM alternative for generator service, parts and repairs with a 30-year track record of successful generator stator and field repairs and machining that meet or exceed OEM recommendations, as well as, the operating needs of the owner.

Call MD&A today for machining services on-site or at our shop or generator services at +1 (314) 880-3000 or use our Contact form.




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