Steam Turbine Advanced Sealing System

MD&A Parts Division’s Advanced Sealing system for steam turbines consists of the Patented Guardian® & Vortex Shedder® Sealing Technology which improves steam turbine efficiency above design!

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In an impulse steam path design, conventional seals & shaft-packing attribute to leakages up to 29% loss of stage efficiency.

Guardian Packing rings can be installed in the HP, IP, and LP turbine sections along with all gland seal areas in any steam turbine.

Unlike other packing designs, Guardian Packing rings maintain a positive radial seal during start-up, shutdown, turning gear, and unit operation. Positive radial sealing is a fundamental component to maintaining unit efficiency.

Guardian posts, used to maintain the integrity of the packing teeth, are constructed of a patented, non-galling, low coefficient of friction material.

The Guardian posts are set with a radial clearance 5 mils less than the conventional teeth. Should a rub occur, the Guardian strips would contact the rotor first preventing damage to the knife-edged teeth, and thus maintaining the efficiency of the seal.

Conventional teeth can become dull over time due to unit operation and transient events such as rubs during start-up, therefore, leading to unit inefficiency and additional steam leakage.

In addition to packing, Steam leakage occurs at the tip seals over the buckets.

Whether the steam path design is impulse, reaction, or a combination of both, our stainless steel Vortex Shedder Tip Seals work by creating vortices at the admission side of the seal.

The Vortex Shedder also operates on a reaction steam path design where you can apply it to the rotating seal strip and the stationary seal strip.

These vortices reduce the pressure drop, resulting in lower flow and less leakage across the seal. This translates to improved stage heat rate performance for the steam turbine.

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