7FH2 Gas Turbine Generator Repair

Mechanical Dynamics and Analysis was contracted to remove a combined cycle site’s old 234MVA 7FH2 gas turbine generator field, along with supplying and installing a new 7FH2 gas generator field. MD&A performed this turnaround in a few weeks.

Our reputation for accuracy and reliability in power plant services has spanned over 30 years. Our technical expertise and effective project management will get the job done on time and within budget.

7FH2 Gas Turbine Generator Repair

MD&A provided our customer with a replacement 7FH2 generator field. MD&A’s gas turbine maintenance team removed the original generator field from the site and shipped it to our St. Louis turbine-generator repairs shop for refurbishment. As well as, we sent the new generator field to St. Louis for a complete test and inspection, and high-speed balance before being brought to site.

The scope of work also included:

  • The replacement generator field was removed from a unit in storage, and sent to the St. Louis Repair facility, and subsequently installed at the customer site.
  • The unit was re-assembled with a new 7FH2 field with the existing #4 bearing installed and a new #3 bearing. Both were cleaned and measured, before installation.
  • All new oil deflectors were used on both ends, inner and outer.
  • The coupling faces were cleaned, inspected, and found to be in good condition. MD&A performed a 16-point alignment.
  • New hydrogen seals were lapped and installed with existing cases.
  • The air shields were cleaned and reinstalled and torqued to OEM specifications.
  • The generator air test was performed, and the results were within acceptable limits.

After MD&A performed its checks, the unit started up without issues.

The gas turbine maintenance team replaced the faulty field with the new one under very difficult circumstances during the peak of the outage season. MD&A made this project happen in a few weeks from start to finish.

7FH2 Gas Turbine Generator Repair

MD&A also performed minor repairs on the customer’s steam turbines as well, including a turning gear replacement and thrust bearing adjustment.

MD&A’s specialized services range from Combustion, Hot Gas Path and Major Inspections, as well as, Compressor & Turbine Rotor Repairs to Plant Performance Testing and Analysis. We also provide turbine internal alignment to your gas turbine, along with vibration analysis and balance (low-speed & high-speed.)

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