Frame 7FA.03+ Upgrade

MD&A San Antonio Service center offers a Frame 7FA.03+ upgrade. Our gas turbine parts service facility is an industry leader in 7FA components manufacturing and repairs. The facility has leading-edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise.

Our enhanced gas turbine new parts use proprietary advanced technology. The improved designs of the components, based on extensive repair history of these OEM products, extend the service life by minimizing oxidation, creep, and metal temperatures.

Our enhanced Frame 7FA.03+ upgrade increases megawatt output while reducing customer cost.

The 7FA.03+ parts increase output by 8 MW with longer 32,000 hour/1,200 start intervals, and extend service intervals or increase output (customizable option based on customer need).  This upgrade combines newly designed 1st stage components with previously upgraded 2nd and 3rd stage hardware.

Design Advantages of the 7FA.03+ 1st Stage

  1st Stage Bucket:
• Improved cooling distribution at the tip, trailing edge, and platform reduces peak metal temperature
• Cast-in tip cap eliminates possibility of cap failures and further improves oxidation life at tip
• Redistributed cooling airflow actively cools the platform and eliminates cracking
  1st Stage Nozzle:
• Singlet design incorporates a full gas path TBC for improved oxidation life and airfoil temperature reduction
• Improved airflow holds NOx steady with increased firing temperature
  1st Stage Shroud Block:
• Improved airflow configuration combats leakage and dedicates targeted airflow to improve oxidation life
• Proven upgraded heat transfer patterns on shroud tile inner wall

Firing Temperature Increase Relies on Existing Upgraded Designs

  2nd Stage Bucket:
• Improved proprietary equiaxed alloy versus OEM DS alloy provides interlocking grain strength at tip shroud while keeping creep strength in airfoil
• Optimized tip geometry and fillet shape for improved creep life
• Enhanced MCrAlY coating and fully TBC-coated airfoil for oxidation resistance  against oxidation, coating spallation, and TMF cracking 
  2nd Stage Nozzle:
Improved alloy with full metallic and TBC coating on all surfaces to reduce metal temperatures and fatigue
• Advanced fillet to platform geometry to improve creep life
• Diaphragms changed to 310 stainless steel alloy to reduce oxidation and minimize associated repair costs
  3rd Stage Nozzle; 2nd and 3rd Stage Shrouds:
• Demonstrated reliability and repairability
• 3rd stage nozzle diaphragms changed to 310 stainless steel alloy to reduce oxidation and minimize repair costs

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