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GE TurbineMD&A is a full-service provider for GE turbine repair. Our one-stop-shop, Turbine-Generator Repair facility is fully equipped with overhead cranes, 100-ton lathe, and all support equipment for inspections and repairs. It also has an elevator system to perform a full gas turbine rotor, and compressor de-stack and re-stack.

Our talented and experienced team has full capabilities for blading, machining, re-bucketing, and more. Our engineers strictly follow effective, time-tested principles that produce sound and superior repair solutions.

Our Gas Turbine Parts Service Facilities called the Houston and San Antonio Service Centers, are industry leaders in gas turbine component repair for GE turbines.  Our facility and team have leading-edge equipment and repair techniques with proven expertise on multiple frame gas turbine hot gas path and combustion components. 

MD&A is a worldwide leader in the repair and refurbishment of gas turbine fuel nozzles. Our advanced engineering expertise combined with leading-edge equipment delivers reliable, extended life of new or refurbished fuel nozzle products. Lean manufacturing principles, and a commitment to quality improvement, maximizes customer value.

Our turnkey outage management includes Combustion, Hot Gas Path and Major Inspections. Today, we continue to expand our talent and employ many of the best minds and technical experts in the industry. Our turnkey labor specialists provide testing, inspection, maintenance and training for GE turbine repair in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our experts also offer compressor vane pinning to address shim migration and vane rocking issues experienced on some large frame gas turbines.

The Design Service Life, aka End of Life (EOL), of a gas turbine rotor, can be based on statistical predictions of component life, based on an assumed operational mission mix; each rotor component is influenced differently by operational stresses, temperatures, and duty cycles. We look at the Gas Turbine Rotor & Compressor Rotor. An End of Life Evaluation can help decide if component Repair, Replace or Use is the best option for your gas turbine rotor to meet operational and maintenance forecast.

Our Gas Turbine Rotor Repairs include:

  • Rotor De-stack/ Re-stack with Elevator system
  • Bucket / Blade Replacement
  • Compressor Blade Blending & Replacement
  • Turbine Wheel Repair & Replacement
  • Compressor Disk Repair & Replacement
  • Full Rotor NDE & Analysis
  • Rotor Life Extension & Assessment
  • Rotor & Coupling Machining
  • Casing & Housing Repairs

Our Gas Turbine Rotor Inspections Include:

  • Standard Rotor Inspect and Advise
  • Compressor Blending and Bucket Work
    • Compressor Blade Tip Grinding, Clashing Solutions
    • Bucket Removal and Installation by a Certified Bucket Technician
    • Bucket Repairs and Replacements
  • Full Capabilities for Unstack / Re-Stack
      • Experience and Expertise on GE® Frames 5, 6B, 7B/E/EA and 7FA
      • End of Life Inspections for Aging Fleet
        • Engineering Analysis and Assessment
        • Includes Supply of Replacement Compressor Disks and Turbine Wheels
      • Other Upgrades or TILs Requiring Unstack / Re-Stack
  • Journal Machining and Repair
  • Thrust Collar Modifications

Within our Turbine-Generator Repair facility, our high speed balance facility is one of the most modern balance facilities for power turbines in the world. Proper balancing of the turbine and generator rotors is extremely vital to ensure proper operation. The facility allows for effective testing to ensure minimal vibrations in any manufacturer’s rotor throughout testing.

This same facility also offers field machining services. Our machining capabilities include the ability to on-site or in-shop repair horizontal joints on turbine casings, rotors, and nearly any rotating or stationary GE turbine components.

Additionally, MD&A maintains several portable machine shops for use during customer’s plant projects. Shops are contained in portable Conex trailers for easy lifting once we deliver them to your door. Our portable machine shops come stocked with metal grinders, a drill press, lathe, and other handy tools needed to address metals work projects.

MD&A Bearings, Seals and Hydraulics Division has helped many customers eliminate the undesirable effects of oil whip or steam whirl by designing, manufacturing, and elliptical bearings and tilt pad journals for GE turbine repair. A bearing retrofit can be a cost-effective solution when changes in operational practices or steam path modifications have created an undesirable oil whip or steam whirl condition. 

Troubleshooting the source of differential thrust bearing temperatures can be frustrating and costly, especially if load reduction action is required. MD&A has earned the trust of many customers to design, manufacture and repair tapered land thrust and tilt pad thrust bearings. We offer profiling of fixtures, material upgrades, and performance monitoring instrumentation. 

MD&A Bearings, Seals and Hydraulics Division also offers Rapid-Spares bearing exchange by assuring customers that their bearings are ready to ship, in many instances, even before an outage begins, while also offering bearing refurbishment and complete oil deflector reconditioning.

Additionally, MD&A’s Bearings, Seals and Hydraulics Division can provide MOOG® Gas Control Valve Services. MD&A can utilize MOOG® Gas Control Valve’s authorized distribution channel to provide service and repairs. MD&A will work in conjunction with Stanley Proctor® and MOOG® to provide repairs, exchanges, and upgrade services for Frames 7EA & 7FA. Delivering consistent quality and value to customers, MD&A combines our experience and fast response with the OEM’s parts and services.

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