Mark VI Customer Training Course

Mark VI® Customer Training Course (4 1/2 Days)


This course is ideal for instrumentation & controls technicians needing a thorough understanding of the Mark VI® turbine control system. MD&A has a complete working TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) Mark VI® turbine control panel with the typical input and output terminal boards, I/O cards and power distribution cabling and wiring. Students will get hands-on experience with replacing cards (unplugging cables and/or terminal boards; removing cards; replacing cards; re-connecting cables and terminal boards), and examples of downloading software as required. Attention will also be paid to how typical inputs and outputs are connected to the Mark VI® to better understand how to troubleshoot problems and perform maintenance. Trip inputs to the Mark VI® and tripping schemes will also be discussed and explained.

Troubleshooting will be a top focus of the course, with examples of troubleshooting Diagnostic Alarms, and examples of effectively using Trend Recorder for data gathering and analysis, as well as how to interpret alarm lists. Trip Log Live Data and Trend Recorder Alarm Lists will also be covered.

A deep discussion of AutoCalibrate and what it does and how it works, as well as electro-hydraulic servo-valves, will also be included.

(Legacy) Toolbox will be used to explain the basics of Function Block Diagrams, Big Blocks and Macros, as well as basic relay ladder diagram (“Boolean Engine”) blocks. A basic explanation of how to interpret signal names will also be provided.

As this course is not specific to either gas- or steam turbines it will not cover turbine operations (except as necessary to explain examples of Function Block Diagrams and Big Blocks). It is intended to cover the Mark VI® and (Legacy) Toolbox as used to configure and troubleshoot alarms and turbine operation. The focus of the class is to be able to understand how the Mark VI® components work and are to be replaced, and how to use the software tools provided with (Legacy) Toolbox to be able to troubleshoot and maintain the Mark VI®. Students are expected to know how to use a multimeter and should be prepared to use one in the course of the class.

Students are encouraged to bring actual alarm lists from events at their sites and issues they have encountered that they wish to discuss and better understand.

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